12 Tips for Keeping Your Blood Sugar Low

Lifestyle changes to help lower blood sugar

Why lower your blood sugar?

Whether you have diabetes or you are at risk for developing it, balancing your blood sugar could be a matter of life or death.

It absolutely helps prevent or delay diabetes complications, including eye, kidney and nerve diseases, such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Here are dozen tips for lowering blood sugar levels.
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Tips by the Dozen

  1. Take small steps, one at a time, when making necessary lifestyle changes.
  2. Enjoy blueberries often.
  3. If you need help but do not have access to a diabetes educator or a registered dietician, see if there are programs to join at your local community center, at the YMCA or through your workplace.
  4. Fill half your dinner plate with non-starchy vegetables to get excellent nutritional value with few calories or carb grams.
  5. Just as you dose your medications, “dose” your carbohydrate consumption by eating the same amount of carbs at close to the same times every day.
  6. Beans (legumes) digest slowly, and slow digestion prevents spikes in blood sugar.
  7. Learn to estimate proper portion sizes using your hand or by thinking of common objects.
  8. Consider adding fried, boiled, grilled, mashed or raw nopal cactus to your dinner menu.
  9. Make stress reduction or relaxation a daily priority since stress can elevate blood sugar and blood pressure.
  10. For one or two weeks, and with your physician’s permission, monitor your blood sugar at different times on different days.
  11. Become an avocado aficionado.
  12. If your doctor OK’s it, add some weight or resistance training to your weekly.

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