22 Things To Remember About Type 1 Diabetes

To remember if you have a loved one with diabetes

People with diabetes have a greater risk of depression than those without it. Depression makes it harder to manage your diabetes.

Many people with Type 1 diabetes face the ongoing demands of daily self-management. They often feel misunderstood, isolated and stressed out about facing diabetes alone.

But if you help and motivation for people with diabetes, they can feel appreciated and accepted. This reminds you that people with diabetes are not alone.

Here, you can remember the following 22 things that your loved one faces. In other words, learn how to support and empathize with your loved one.

1. They constantly face misguided judgments

Many people don’t know that Type 1 Diabetes is inherited. Your loved one constantly feels faulted by ignorant people for eating too much sugar or not exercising.

2. They have an incurable autoimmune disease, not a lifestyle disease

They cannot cure their disease by changing their diet or by exercising. Please help them by correcting people who suggest they quit eating sugar or start riding a bike.

3. They live each day with a serious disease that often seems to arise out of the blue for no apparent reason

With their diagnosis of diabetes, their lives changed forever and they had nothing to do with it.

4. Their definition of normal is much different than yours and mine

They will take injections or use an insulin pump for their entire life. Their normal is giving themselves several shots a day or monitoring a pump attached to their abdomen. Normal is keeping their blood sugar in a safe range, or else they could get hypoglycemia and slip into a coma.

5. They look like everyone else from the outside

…but the inside is way different. Their pancreas has stopped producing insulin, and if they don’t take insulin, they will slip into a coma and could die. They live with this reality.

You can share their concerns and talk about what it is like to live with diabetes in a relationship.

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