5 No-Egg Protein-Rich Breakfasts for Diabetics

Eating low-carb, gluten free, and protein rich breakfasts without eggs.

Many people are bored with eggs, too. But, breakfast without eggs for people with diabetes can be tricky.

Instead, try one of these several non-egg breakfast ideas you can experiment with a variety of your morning routine, while still meeting your nutritional needs.

1. Cottage cheese and fruit.
Easy and quick, cottage cheese is a convenient breakfast and is also high in protein. Top about a half-cup of cottage cheese with a 1/4 cup of berries for a low-carb breakfast that you can easily take on the go or eat at home.

To add more flavor, you can sprinkle it with cinnamon, a non-caloric sweetener or powdered sugar-free Crystal Light.
2. Protein pancakes.
Protein “pancakes” can be made in a variety of ways. While some recipes may include using eggs or egg whites, you’ll feel like you’re eating something new.

Some recipes include using bananas, protein powder, or cottage cheese to achieve a pancake-like texture. Try this simple, low-carb recipe from Blogilaties.

Top your protein pancake with some nut butter and you have a filling and delicious breakfast.
3. Breakfast hash.
4. Flax meal muffins.
5. Low-Carb Granola.

Image source : InformationAboutDiabetes.com

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