10 Diabetic-Friendly Cake Recipes


Healthy cake recipes for any celebration – is it possible?

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you will never have birthday cake or pumpkin pie again.

With theses diabetic-friendly cake recipes, you can have a small serving of your favorite cake once in a while and still manage your diabetes.

This diabetic cake recipes are lower in carbohydrates and in calories to keep your blood sugar in check while indulging your sweet tooth.

Now, you can find healthy, delicious diabetic cake recipes including coconut cake, really good chocolate cake and carrot cake recipes!

Try these healthy and diabetic-friendly cake recipes you can make at home.
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  • Little Italy Cake: Mamma Mia – this diabetic cake recipe is spectacular! Our Little Italy Cake has a lovely lemon flavor that makes it perfect for anytime of the year.

  • Coconut Cake: Everyone’s gonna go “coconuts” over this diabetic recipe for Coconut Cake! This healthy cake recipe is moist, delicious, and great for anyone who is following a diabetic diet (or who isn’t!).

  • Really Good Chocolate Cake: Every once in a while, you just need a piece of Really Good Chocolate Cake. Well, have no fear, because this healthy cake recipe will let you indulge a feel good about it!

  • Sticky Bun Coffee Cake: Cake for breakfast? Oh yeah! This sticky, gooey, and a little crunchy coffee cake is made with almond flour, so it’s an amazing low carb dessert that everyone will love!

  • Carrot Cake: This carrot cake is one of our favorite healthy cake recipes, and it won’t disappoint! You’ll love how moist and full of flavor this diabetic dessert recipe is, so much you’ll be making it year round!

  • Lemon Cake: This lemon cake makes these healthy cake recipes list because it’s made with some convenient sugar-free ingredients, so anyone watching their carbs and sugar intake can enjoy, too!

  • Orange Dream Angel Cake: This healthy cake recipe is so light and so refreshing you’ll think you’ve stepped into a dream. You and your gang are going to love this no-bake dessert!

  • Better-Than-Anything Cake: This make-ahead poke cake is moist, creamy, crunchy, chocolate, and most importantly, diabetic-friendly! Plus, it’s made with lighter ingredients, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of our best healthy cake recipes.

  • Cinnamon Banana Cake: Turn your ripe bananas into this delectably moist Cinnamon Banana Cake, perfect for any special occasion or any night of the week!

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Image source : Everyday Diabetic Recipes

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