Drinking Okra Water Lowers Blood Sugar

Drinking okra water helps in controlling blood sugar level under control.

Okra, known as “lady’s fingers”, is a nutritional powerhouse, containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Okra is provide many health benefits. It’s treating diabetes, alleviates asthma, lowers cholesterol, prevent kidney diseases, and boost immune system.

Drinking water in which okra has been soaked overnight will helps cure blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Whether you consume okra boiled, stewed, fried, or even in pickled form, you can reap the health benefits of this green vegetable any time of the year. It’s Alleviates Asthma, lowers cholesterol, boost immune system, prevent kidney diseases and most important Okra is an herb that is really effective in patients with diabetes. It is proven that it can reduce the amount of glucose absorbed by the food through you gastrointestinal tract.

Here’s one simple recipe how you can use okra, to control your blood sugar level naturally:

Take 2 fresh okra and cut their heads and tails. Put 2-3 cuts and dip them in a glass of water at night time. Drink that water 30 minutes before breakfast. It will control your sugar level.

Image source : AP Photo/Savannah Morning News by Steve Bisson

You should check the Full Article about Okra Lowers Blood Sugar … HERE


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