What is Google Diabetes doing?

First project of Google Life Sciences is to attack Diabetes

People with diabetes poke a finger more than five times a day in order to monitor their blood sugar levels. It is a very painful and expensive process.

Recently, The first project for Google’s Life Sciences Division unit announced that diabetes is Google’s first major disease target. Google’s Life Sciences is putting its vast resources behind new initiatives aimed at helping them better live with the disease.

Google’s this project is expected to be the primary focus of the diabetes market. Diabetes management is fundamentally an “information problem.” and Google’s expertise area is data and analytics.


Why Google Is Going All In On Diabetes

Earlier this week the new Google Life Sciences unit announced that diabetes is the company’s first major disease target. It may come as a surprise that Google, a company that helps people search online for flights and restaurants and dabbles in other ventures like self-driving cars, is investing in new therapies to treat disease.

But according to Michael Chae, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter at the American Diabetes Association, Google’s decision is a no-brainer. It’s a highly lucrative opportunity. In 2012, the total cost of managing diabetes was put at $245 billion in the U.S. alone. The timing also appears just right for technology companies to enter the field.

“There’s been an explosion of wearables, data and analytics,” Chae said. “People with diabetes are more comfortable living in a measured world.”

He envisions a future where people with diabetes can measure their blood glucose levels on a continuous basis, using painless methods. One of Google’s emerging products is a contact lens embedded with a glitter-sized sensor that can measure glucose levels in tears. “There’s a whole lot of innovation at once,” he said.

If Google is successful, patients with diabetes acquire clear information about how variables like nutrition and exercise affect their blood sugar levels, and may be to adjust their insulin levels and avoid serious outcomes.

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